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A few words from those who love Woodroe as much as we do.

In February 2016, Woodroe's New Beginning launched a petition to convince the San Lorenzo Unified School District to sell us an excess property they had for sale in the heart of Castro Valley, which was once home to another well known preschool, since closed.  The petition was ultimately unsuccessful but, in the process, we discovered just how much community support the Woodore Woods cause had, and how many lives had been touched by this school.

Over  1,500 people signed the petition, and below you can find an excerpt from the list of the comments that were attached to the signatures.

Susan Martinek

Castro Valley, CA

"As a working Mom, nothing could ever mean more to me than leaving my boys in such a safe and caring place as I drove off to work each day. The staff at Woodroe Woods surround the children in a joyous and loving atmosphere. This first introduction to life outside our family fostered in them a sense of trust, tremendous self-confidence, and an ongoing enthusiasm for learning!"

Kelsey and Brad Olson

Castro Valley, CA

Thank you so much for providing such an amazing place for Emma to grow and learn.  I can't believe how much she has learned since September 2015 - I'm constantly in awe.  She can't wait to arrive in the morning and hates to leave in the evening.  I love to hear her talk about her day - it's the best part of mine.  I remember when Kyley was here and how Emma has some of the same teachers as her Aunt Kyley.  They have/had the same sparkle in their eyes and sheer thrill and pride in their voices when they talk/talked about their teachers and Woodroe Woods.  The magic of this place never disappears.  Thank you for providng and fostering (and being) such a wonderful "extended family" for Emma (and us).  Kelsey

Vong Family

Hayward, CA

My son Ciampone has been at Woodroe Woods for one year.  He loves the teachers there.  He comes home happy every day.  We love the summer program at the school.

Hayward, CA

My daughter couldn't wait until she was over 2 years old to go to the school with all the animals where kids play while learning.  It's hard to find a school where your kids don't want to leave each day and consider them their extended family.

The Harrington's

Castro Valley, CA.

My daughter was a shy little girl and has become a confident young lady through the loving and nurturing teachers and staff.

Kathy Spaeth

Castro Valley, CA.

Driving onto the property every day seeing all the kids playing and knowing how happy my daughter will be every day I pick her up.

Sandra Jurado

Castro Valley, CA.

We first heard about Woodroe Woods through friends that had kids that had gone there through the years.  When we applied for admission for our son, we were put on a very long wait list.  We were so excited to get the letter finally tells us that our son had been accepted to Woodroe.  But then, we got a second letter attached to that notifying us that the school was closing down in June.  We were very sad to hear about this and hope that the school will continue and find a new location.  Our son has really thrived and loves going to school at Woodroe.  We thank all of the teachers and staff for all of the dedication to making Woodroe Woods a fantastic preschool.

Matt T.

San Ramon, CA.

My two sons, Andrew and Sean, were lucky enough to have attended Woodroe Woods from the time they were 2 ½ until entering public school at 1st and Kindergarten respectively. Each one enjoyed the amazing learning opportunities and positive social interactions WW provided and both are better people for it. During those crucial formative years, they were in a place that made them happy and my wife and I (both teachers) very secure knowing that they were getting the best possible care and most supportive learning environment in the area.

Tyler W. - Alumni

Castro Valley, CA



When I think of my time at Woodroe Woods, I cannot deny that this school was the best place to start for me. Woodroe Woods had a very comfortable feeling at all times, and I felt like I was at home in my own backyard. There are so many memories I could talk about, but the one that comes to mind first is the yearly camp out we used to have every summer on the field. I looked forward to that one night of summer every year. It brought us all closer as friends, and it was an event I would not miss!


I understand that the school is now looking for a new location, but I strongly believe that the teachers and current/future students deserve to create a new school, wherever it may be. If you look at the success they have had over the years, there is no doubt, in my mind, that this team of teachers would continue to positively influence students and families. Let's keep this group together, and understand how special the school was for so many years.


Woodroe Woods Alumni

Preschool through 2nd grade, 1993-1997


Chloe B. - Alumni

Southern California

Woodroe Woods is so much more than a school, it is a family! The staff and teachers care so much not only about every child's success, but that they grow up to be the best kids they can be. I remember spending afternoons running in the sand and grass, painting and art projects, and learning to swing on the bars. And when I came back to visit in the summers and eventually to teach swim lessons, all of my favorite memories and teachers were still there to greet me. Thank you Woodroe Woods!

David G. - Alumni

San Jose, CA

I attended Woodroe Woods School starting in 1997 for the duration of my time in preschool, and continued to attend during the summer camp each summer up to 2004.  My time at Woodroe Woods serves as a large portion of my childhood and my memories of that time are exceedingly fond. In addition to the wonderful teachers and activities offered at the school, other children who attended Woodroe Woods during my years have remained loyal friends to this very day. 

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