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Please note that the the Summer Program is impacted by emergency regulations put in place to curb the spread of the novel covid-19 virus.  The projected start date is June 15th, however, we will confirm this information by June 5th.

Please read below for further information.



The Woodroe Woods Summer Program is for children who completed grades K through 5th.  It offers a stimulating and creative environment through a variety of interactive and hands-on activities led by our staff, special event coordinators, and distinguished guests.  

ENGAGING DAILY ACTIVITIES:  Our days are loaded with art, sports, games, biking, reading, crafts, sewing, and cooperative play

SPECIAL GUESTS: Each week has a unique theme designed to appeal to budding scientists, naturalists, engineers, athletes, performers, and artists, and several special classes, shows, and workshops are woven into our program throughout the summer.  

FREE AM & PM SNACKS: Healthy snacks provided every day.

FREE PRE & AFTER CARE: We are open 7am to 6pm!

Come experience an exciting summer at Woodroe Woods!  Here's the link to the Registration Packet.


Jun 8 – 12:  Skills n'Thrills

May the magical 2020 Summer Camp begin!  We are starting off with a bang, sponsored once again by the pros (and super fun coaches) of UK International Soccer Camps, Inc. Their age appropriate curriculum includes "Fun in the Sun", "Skills 'n' Thrills" and "Compete with your Feet" programs, and their focus is on developing the whole player as an athlete and as a person, and provide the kids with the tools and self-belief to reach their goals on and off the field.  If you like sports and movement, regardless of your skill level, you will love this dynamic and engaging week, which is guaranteed to boost your self-esteem!  

In addition to soccer, we’ll offer lots of other opportunities to enjoy sports and field games.  Every participant will receive a complimentary soccer ball and a t-shirt!

Jun 15 – 19:  Classic Woody

This belly busting week is all about team building, friendships, and collaborative play. Aside from helping to navigate social relationships and interact with others in a meaningful way, team building exercises celebrate diversity, foster problem solving, and promote the understanding that a well-functioning team is stronger than the sum of its individual members.  We'll play kids’ favorites like Scategories, Minute To Win It, and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.  We’ll add in plenty of outdoor collaborative activities, board games, and crafts.  Shake it all up, add a splash of water play, an 80's twist, and get a fabulous week of memorable experiences!  Wait, but there’s more!  It’s tie-dye time!  This week we will also be tie-dying our 2020 edition camp T-shirt.  If you’ve been with us before, wear your vintage camp t-shirts and show your Woody Woods spirit!  If you haven't, feel free to wear flashy, bright clothes.  Either way, you're in for a treat!


Jul 22 – 26:  Travel Around the World in 5 Days

All aboard!  Buckle your seat belt, we are about to take off and embark on a fantastic journey around the world!  Every day we will stop in a different country and explore the culture, language, art, and food.  We will build unique souvenirs, write and mail postcards, and learn about children’s daily lives in different places around the world.  And, while we are at it, we will get familiar with cartography (the practice of drawing maps), review maps’ keys, study lines of latitude & longitude, the equator and the prime meridian.  Multi-instrumentalist Amber Field will bring her wide cinstruments from all over the world and engage us in a rich musical journey through a variety of rhythms and sounds.  A A specialist in world fusion music, Amber has entertained audiences all over the world.  Gain knowledge of the world and run loose around the globe without ever leaving Woodroe!


Jun 30 – Jul 2:  Stars and Stripes

It’s party time in the USA!  And party we will, as we savor the most American of meals: a BBQ with hot dogs, veggies, watermelon, and apple pie!  This week is a little shorter than the others (and cheaper), but definitely not less entertaining: jump your heart out for two days in the inflatable bouncy house, play games, make crafts, and sing songs inspired by Old Glory.  We have also invited police officer Calvin Watson (beloved Woodroe Dad) to come give an important presentation about safety and let us have a close look at his patrol car. Come spend this pre-holiday time with us, we are throwing a birthday party for America! 


Jul 6 – 10:  Star Wars STEM

Our STEM week this year takes on a whole new dimension!  Young Padawans are invited to experience a load of challenges and engaging activities as they blast their way through space.  The Woodroe Master Jedi have planned several special workshops.  We will Build a Galaxy With the geeks of Hour of Code, concoct in-house engineering contraptions, play a variety of math games including Star Wars Sudoku, and learn about space in an inflatable planetarium with Mr. Allan Stern, who has given hundreds of astronomy presentations, including at NASA Space Camp!  Care to taste some blue milk with us?


Jul 13 – 17:  Wizards, Beasts, Fairies, and Fantasy

Into the woods, through the back of the wardrobe, down the rabbit hole, what do you find? Touch the magic stone, cast a spell, ask the mirror, what happens next? Fly on the back of a dragon, roll with a troll, laugh with an ogre, who gets to share your adventure?  The clocks on the walls at Woodroe will stop for a week (or 100 years...) of Fantasy and Fiction!  Immerse yourself in ageless kingdoms of wonder and explore the art and enjoyment of storytelling.  Use classic tales, myths, and movies to inspire work, imagining your own characters, adventures, and happily-ever-afters. Highlights of the week will include reader’s theater, dress-up games, crafting whimsical garden houses, illustrating your own flip book, cooking up potions, and flying origami paper creatures. We will also enjoy a special appearance by Grammy nominated storyteller Diane Ferlatte and her musical sidekick Erik Pearson on banjo and guitar. Diane is a multi-award winning performer who has captivated audiences across six continents.


July 20 – 24:  Rethink, Reinvent, Reimagine

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle... to which we add: Rethink, Reinvent, Reimagine!  It's Art week!

Art weeks at Woodroe are always very popular, and a great opportunity for kids to explore art with a twist.  This year, we will take an eco-friendly approach, and mess around with a vast array of recycled materials. Campers will learn about the amazing things that can be created using discarded scraps and repurposed objects. Bay Area teaching artist Donna Bradley, in collaboration with The East Bay Depot For Creative Reuse, is going to showcase her art right here at camp and lead an art class focused on reuse. She will bring a load of salvaged items from the depot and spark our inspiration to produce our own unique masterpieces. 

The Recycled Art week is all about environmentally conscious expression and creativity. As the saying goes... One man's trash is another camper's treasure!


July 27 – 31:  Woodroe's Got Talent

Calling on all aspiring performers!  This campers’ favorite week allows anyone to showcase a variety of individual or group acts.  Whether you have any experience or not, join us on Woodroe’s full size stage, equipped with lighting and mics.  You can participate in lip sinking battles, skits, comedy, singing, playing instruments, dancing, and any combination.  Famed Bay Area saxophonist Dave Ellis will perform for our campers.  His impressive career and many accomplishments can be found here.  Plus, for the whole week, Rhasaan Sherrill of Beat Box Academy, will lead a hip-hop workshop that will culminate in two shows on Friday.  In a positive, no-pressure, and encouraging environment, you’ll learn different techniques and help decide the moves for the show.  Dance improves health, self-esteem, creativity, fosters social and communication skills, encourages team work, engenders a greater sense of trust and cooperation and helps make new friends.  Let your inner star shine, and show us what you’ve got!

August 3 – 7:  Olympic Games

No need to fly to Tokyo!  We are celebrating the Olympic Games right here at Woodroe.  After crafting our own torch and medals, we will play sports and games with a fun twist.  We will learn about the life and achievements of famous athletes and meet local professional athletes who will stop by to inspire us, lead drills, and play with us! A guest coach from The Positive Coaching Alliance is coming to Woodroe to lead a Jr. Triple-Impact Competitor Workshop. This fun and hands-on session focuses on not fearing mistakes, but using them to learn and improve; treating one's teammates, opponents and officials with respect; and understanding the power of positivity and how it can lead to success for teams and individuals. Finally, we will close out the summer camp with our own Olympic Ceremony, celebrating the unique opportunities afforded by sport to transcend barriers and prejudices and pursue one’s best. 

We can’t think of a better way to send the kids off to a brand new school year!



The 2020 Summer Camp begins Monday, June 8 and ends Friday, August 7.  We will be closed on Friday, July 3rd.

A typical day at Woodroe Woods Summer Camp:

  • 7:00 –   9:00  Opening, free choice

  • 9:00 – 12:00  (Separate groups) supervised art, sewing, play, field games, music, project time, special activities/workshops/shows. Break for snack is 10:15-10:30

  • 12:00 – 12:30 Lunch

  • 12:30 – 1:00   Free play

  • 1:00 –   1:55   Younger group – play with water features or bike riding / Older group – reading, singing, crafts.

  • 2:00 –   2:55   Older group – play with water features or bike riding / Younger group – reading, singing, crafts.

  • 3:00 –   6:00   Combined groups – projects, field games, free play, etc... Snack time is at 4:15

Please note that the schedule may occasionally be modified to accommodate special activities.


Tuition is $320 per week ($256 for the 4th of July week), payable in advance by the 1st of the month of attendance. 

Tuition includes: pre- and after-care, the morning and afternoon snacks, and all special activities and workshops (unless otherwise noted in the weekly descriptions above).

Sibling discount: The camper registered for the most amount of sessions pays the full amount. 

Elementary school aged siblings registered for summer camp on same or reduced schedules receive a 20% discount. 

Deposit is $100 per camper due at registration.  The deposit is applied to the final week of enrollment and is non-refundable.

Payment may be submitted by check (payable to Woodroe Woods School), cash, or PayPal (button below or

Tuition money must be either mailed in or delivered to the office by the caregiver (do not send money in your child's backpack).

A late charge of $30.00 will be added to the tuition if not paid within 5 days after the due date.  There is a $30 charge for each returned check. We reserve the right to request money orders or cash if checks have been returned to us.  No portion of the tuition will be refunded if the student is absent, withdrawn, or otherwise unable to complete the summer camp. 

Enrollment is based on a first come first served basis. Your completed forms AND deposit will ensure your child's place.

Woodroe Woods is a nonprofit independent school (TAX ID 81-2253204) and greatly appreciates any donations you may want to add to your total.  Should you choose to make a contribution (big or tiny), you'll receive a tax receipt and our most heartfelt gratitude. 


For each camper, please download and complete the SUMMER REGISTRATION forms.

(Current Woodroe Woods students, please download THIS PACKET instead).

Please return completed forms in person, by mail, fax, or email to:

Mailing address: Woodroe Woods School, 750 Fargo Avenue, San Leandro, CA  94579

Fax number: 510.351.6493

Email address: info@WoodroeWoods.Org


Download the Camp flyer here.

Share it with your friends and get $30 off for any new camper who signs up for the first time.



  1. Woodroe Woods offers a Summer Camp for children who have completed kindergarten, and not older than having completed 5th grade. The camp runs Monday through Friday, 7am to 6pm.
  2. It is expected that campers be picked up promptly at the close of the day.After 6:00pm there will be a late fee charge of $2.00 for every 5 minutes up to 10 minutes late, thereafter $1.00 for every minute past 6:10pm.
  3. Tuition price is weekly, payable in advance by the 1st of the month of attendance. Siblings on same or reduced schedules receive a 20% discount. I will be obligated for my child’s tuition based on the registration form.The rate will remain the same for the duration of the camp.
  4. A non-refundable deposit of $100 for each camper is due upon enrollment and is applied to the final week of enrollment.
  5. A late charge of $30.00 will be added to the tuition if not paid within 5 days after the due date. There is a $30 charge for each returned check. We reserve the right to request money orders or cash if checks have been returned to us. No portion of the tuition will be refunded if the student is absent, withdrawn, or otherwise unable to complete the summer camp.
  6. Payment may be submitted by check, cash, or PayPal (info@WoodroeWood.Org).

  7. Tuition money must be either mailed in or delivered to the office by the caregiver (children may not bring payment to the office).

  8. Any changes in schedule and/or withdrawals must be communicated at least 15 days prior to the desired effective date.

  9. Children MUST BE ACCOMPANIED IN AND OUT OF THE SCHOOL AT ALL TIMES. The parent/guardian shall bring the student to the classroom and wait for the child to be greeted and met by the camp counselor or a director. A parent or guardian MUST SIGN IN AND OUT every day with full signature and note the time of arrival and departure.

  10. All notices from the school and other pertinent information will be placed in the camper’s file folder, located next to the sign in and out log. Please check it regularly.

  11. The child is to be in good health while attending. In case of any indication of illness or injury, the parent or guardian will be notified immediately and will be expected to pick up an ill child as soon as possible after a call from the school. It is important that emergency information is complete and kept up to date. The parent will be informed of all injuries, even of a minor nature, either by phone, in person, or through an "Injury Report".

  12. If my child is ill and must remain at home, I will phone the school as soon as possible. I will not send a child to summer camp if ill (or suspected of being ill). If there is any question regarding the child's illness, the school will request a note from a medical professional. Health regulations require that the caregiver notify the school immediately of any contagious diseases or serious illness.

  13. Absolutely no medications will be dispensed without prior approval of one of the Directors. Medications must be brought into the office by the parent, who will complete the Medicine Log along with a Medication Instructions form. All medication must be kept in the office. I will not send medication of any kind, including cough drops, in my child’s backpack, lunchbox, etc. I will check with my pediatrician about antibiotics that can be given twice a day, morning and night, therefore eliminating the necessity of a dose at school. The school would like to discourage the dispensing of medications at school.

  14. In the event of lice infestation, I will abide by the school policy: once nits are detected, parents will be called and the child will be expected to be picked up.The child can return to camp the next day after product treatment and nit removal has been done.Your child must be brought to the office to be checked prior to returning to class.If nits are present upon re-screening, the child will not be allowed to return until he/she is nit-free. Re-application of the nit removal product is to be completed 7-10 days after detection.In the event of an outbreak, notices will be placed in all communication files.

  15. All clothing, helmets, bikes, personal belongings must be labeled with the child’s name. Permanent markers on masking tape may be a good option.

  16. Woodroe Woods School will not be held responsible for lost or damaged items.

  17. The child should be dressed in comfortable play clothes. No slippers or flipflops are allowed – flat sandals with back straps are allowed.

  18. Your camper is welcome to celebrate their birthday with us. Be sure to inform your child's teacher the week before. If you wish to bring a special snack such cupcakes, etc., this will be served at your child's normal snack time.Be sure to check with the teachers to get the correct count of the day. Please provide plates and utensils as needed.

  19. The school reserves the right to terminate this agreement for the following reasons (but not limited to):

    • Parents do not observe this agreement

    • Payment is not received timely

    • The child threatens the safety or well-being of him/herself or others

    • The child exhibits a consistently disruptive behavior

  20. Woodroe Inc. admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its education policies, admissions policies, scholarship, and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.



If you have any questions regarding your camper or the program, please call the office at 510-582-3273 or email Info@WoodroeWoods.Org.



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