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As with any new milestone, we understand that choosing the right Kindergarten for your child can be both an exciting and a slightly nerve-racking experience.  Here at Woodroe, we strive to create a personable, safe, close-knit and supportive community within the classroom and beyond to help each student flourish and reach their fullest potential.  With this objective in mind, we keep our class sizes small, offering a 1 to 12 ratio, and encourage regular parent-teacher communication.


As research shows, a child’s Kindergarten experience is critical in constructing early ideals for the value of education and lifelong learning.  Our Kindergarten implements a nurturing, fun, developmentally appropriate, and student-centered education which allows children to grow and develop the essential foundations necessary to set the stage for their future academic years.  In our flexible classroom environment, we adjust our instruction in real time to foster growth, enhance individual understanding, spark engagement, reinforce concepts, and broaden perspectives.  In an atmosphere where students are encouraged to be active participants and active learners, children embrace the process of their own individual efforts and perseverance.


Our theme-based curriculum and cross-curricular approach are open-ended and adaptable, and empower young minds to explore, analyze, test, and discover.  As a result, our students are able to develop strong connections to the curriculum while simultaneously processing and practicing multiple academic disciplines including: phonics-based language arts, literature, math, social studies, science, and art.  Additionally, Woodroe Woods invests in regular enrichment programs and activities, including music, theatrical arts, off-site field trips, physical education, and both family and community events.  


At Woodroe Woods, we embrace the whole child philosophy, or “mind & body approach”, which integrates academic, hands-on (concrete), and kinesthetic (whole body) learning strategies with a sense of community and belonging that goes beyond the classroom boundaries.  

Kindergarten is the bridge between early education and elementary school.  It is a year or rapid and considerable change.  Our approach is to gradually but consistently accompanying the students on a path that eventually results in adapting to the new rhythms and demands of elementary school.  The schedule therefore evolves throughout the year and progressively adds structure as the children become more comfortable and acquainted with the new environment. 

Click Here to access the Kindergarten Schedule.

I our experience, most children are ready to start Kindergarten by age 5.  Your pediatrician and our staff will help answering questions and making the choice that is right for your family.

Click Here to access a list of signs of Kindergarten readiness.

Woodroe Woods' Kindergarten program is very special indeed.  Year after year, It is highly sought after, extremely successful, and loved by the parents as much as by the children.  The main reason is its teachers, who are not only wonderfully dedicated educators, but warm, loving, and fun presences in the daily life of the children.  We couldn't be more proud of them and the work they do.

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Homework helps students build study skills and review concepts learned in class.  We support assigning a moderate and consistent amounts of homework that are developmentally appropriate.  Click here to access our homework policy.

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