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Some of the health benefits of gardening are:

  • Home Grown Self-Esteem. .

  • Gardening brings a sense of accomplishment

  • Gardening for Heart Health.  

  • Gardening Reduces Stress.  

  • Happiness in the Dirt.  

  • You'll Sleep Better.  

  • Improved Hand Strength.  

  • Gardening for Family Health.

Garden Inspiration

  • Grow a rainbow, pizza, salsa or vegetable soup garden

  • Grow plants to attract butterflies and humming birds

  • Make a Terrarium, stepping stone or bird house

  • Keep a garden journal

  • Garden photography

  • Make a scarecrow

Consider the Benefits of Growing Your Own Vegetables at Home:

  • Lowers the cost of providing your family with healthy, organic vegetables

  • Reduces the environmental impact of transporting and warehousing food

  • Makes your meals more personal, tasty, and interesting

  • Connects your family to the natural cycles of weather, growth, and renewal

  • Cultivates mindfulness and provides healthy outdoor exercise

  • Provides wholesome activity and lasting memories for your children

There are many helpful sites available to get you started…from composting, what to plant with children and container gardening.


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