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What is your disciplinary policy and how does the school and teachers handle difficult behavior?

We do not use "time outs", but focus on redirecting and mediating the situation by encouraging the children to use what words they have and expressing how they are feeling when displaying a difficult behavior.  We will encourage them to find another activity if the one they are a part of is stimulating the "acting out".  This may just be finding the child something more quiet to do or a smaller group setting or even a "job" to help the teacher.  If the incident is physical, we will remove the child from from the area in which they are hurting someone and speak to them on the sideline until they are ready to use gentle hands. 

Do the students ever go on field trips? 

Preschoolers do not typically go on field trips, however we regularly welcome guest appearances like firefighters, zoo animals, and extra-curricular presentations.

Kindergarteners and Elementary school children participate in several field trips a year.​​

Are/How are the students taught cultural diversity?

Books, songs, finger plays, and art built around specific cultural holidays or traditions are implemented frequently in the classroom.  We always encourage parents and grandparents to come in to the class to share a recipe or family tradition if they are willing.​ 

Are/ How are the students taught acceptance of gender fluidity and acceptance of families who do not fit within the confines of a hetero-normative structure, (a family with 2 mothers or 2 fathers for example)?

We do not specifically "teach" about this in class, but we do discuss it when it applies or when we have questions asked about a child with two moms or two dads.  We are comfortable and open to families sharing about their family dynamic and we might just say something like "sometimes a family has two mommies and that's okay". ​ 

Can I send my child in with Sunscreen? 

We ask that parents apply in the morning and give us a bottle to keep here to apply in the afternoon, if your child is on a full day schedule.​

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