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early education Admission process

Please note that the admission process is being affected by the shelter-in-place order issued by Governor Newsom. 

We are currently not  able to offer tours, and future spot availability may be impacted by potential emergency regulations put in place to curb the spread of the novel covid-19 virus.  We regret the inconvenience, and will post updates as soon as they are available.

Program eligibility:

In order to start in our Early Education program, children must be 2.5 years old and potty trained.  Please note, that continuing students and siblings of currently enrolled children have priority placement.


The Early Education Program operates year round.  Most families start in the Fall (August start), which is when the most amount of spots becomes available.  On the opposite, Winter (January start) typically only allows for a very limited amount of additional spots, since most families stay on through at least the following summer.  Summer (June start) is often the session that, relatively to the others, affords the greatest chances to get into the program due to slightly less demand.  Please note that once you depart the program, your spot will be offered to another family.  Woodroe Woods does not hold spots for future re-entry.

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​The process:

Our Early Education Program is highly popular and fills up fast.  Our admission process consists of the following steps:

​Step 1: Join our Interest List.  It's free!

Step 2: When a spot is available, we invite interested families for a tour of the school. Please note that only one tour is offered per family.

Step 3: You will be extended a deadline to accept your spot.

Step 4: Upon accepting and paying the registration fee, you will be issued a registration packet that needs to be filled and returned to the office by the specified date.  The packet will include forms that need to be filled out by the child's healthcare provider.  A wellness check may be required.

Step 5: When you return your registration packet, you'll be required to pay your first month of attendance (prorated if starting mid month).

Step 7: Within two to three weeks of start date, you are welcome to schedule a visit for your child to spend some time in his/her classroom and become acquainted with the program.

Step 6: Celebration!! We can't wait to see your child in class!

Interest List:

Because there is always so much demand for our program, if you are interested in a spot for your child, we ask that you please fill out the following form.  It is free and represents no obligation.


Please NOTE: Once you have submitted your information, make sure to check back with us to reconfirm your interest at least TWICE A YEAR, in March and in November.  It is your responsibility to update us with changes in your information, as well as changes in the potty training status of your child. Thank you.

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