3rd Grade

It is our goal to have a 3rd grade class in fall 2017. There is a possibility of it being a 3rd/ 4th split based on interest and enrollment. We are looking at potential teacher candidates now. We take great pride in our teaching staff and their ability to get to know your children and create a safe and inspiring learning environment. We will settle for nothing less. Our goal is to teach California common core standards to all students by introducing, modeling, and giving opportunities for independent practice in all subjects. We will provide a small group environment, one that fosters each student’s unique abilities and encourages them to reach beyond their current academic successes. Homework will be relevant to the work being done in class and challenge the students to dig deeper to find the answers. 3rd grade common core standards can be found at: www.cde.ca.gov/re/cc/.


Language Arts will likely be taught through Houghton Mifflin reading materials and will be accompanied by teacher chosen and age appropriate novels and chapter books. This will include students learning summary, persuasive, personal narrative, and expository writing. Vocabulary and spelling will be highlighted in each unit of study. Expository reports will include such topics as California Native Americans, regions of California, and the Pilgrim Passage.


Social Studies and Science are bridged from Language Arts, as writing reports related to the areas of study will give the students continued practice in several writing styles. California history will be the focus and will include reading maps and symbols. Science topics will include animal study of both habitat and adaptations. STEM activities will be incorporated to explore Physical science, Life science, and Earth science.


Mathematics materials and books will also likely come from Houghton Mifflin educational publishing. The focus will be on Multiplication and Division. Place value, measurement, fractions and geometry will also be explored in this grade unit.


State adopted curriculum will be used in each subject of study, but we will also take the opportunity to teach to each individual child and through frequent assessments. We will determine where their skill set, abilities, and interest are and take every opportunity to incorporate this knowledge into the curriculum. Local community events and news will be addressed through class discussion and walking field trips. There will also be opportunity for parent participation in driving for unit related field trips or volunteering in the classroom (at the teacher’s discretion).


Looking forward to an exciting school year,


Becky Paasche, Director