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Art at Woodroe

Art is an integral part of Woodroe Woods School's curriculum, as we recognize that learning to create and appreciate visual aesthetics is a fundamental stepping stone in the development of a variety of other skills.  Fostering the creative process has a deep impact on motor skills, language development, decision making, inventiveness, visual learning, cultural awareness, and improved academic performance.  But above all, there is nothing more fun than allowing children to mess around with art in an environment that is unhurried, without any performance stress, and rich with colors, textures, choices, and stimuli.  Add a little music, and you get some of the most memorable moments in our school days at Woodroe! 
Witnessing our students' creativity evolve and blossom is truly one of the best rewards of our job as educators.

The Art Show and Silent Auction

While many art projects are promptly sent home throughout the school year, some of the most elaborate are retained at school until our annual Art Show, which takes place in May.  Our classes become art galleries where individual masterpieces, as well as collaborative projects, are proudly displayed for all to admire.  Families and friends are invited for an evening of recognition and celebration.  

The Art Show culminates with a Silent Art Auction, which is one of our in-house fundraisers.  Guests can bid on individual as well as collaborative pieces.  While you'll probably have very little competition in getting your own child's work, a bit more effort and determination is usually required in order to obtain the collaborative pieces, some of which are really stunning.  All proceeds of the evening benefit Woodroe Woods School, and are tax deductible.

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